Vegan Chef no Retiro de Yoga e Satsangs “Explosion of Love”

captura sem nome-032-2Hi everyone!

I just came back from working as a vegan chef in an amazing international yoga and satsang retreat here in Portugal.

What an indescribable experience…!

This retreat was called “An Explosion of Love”, organized by Tiger Singleton and Marta De Jesus Cóias and held at Herdade da Ribeira de Borba, an amazing and inspiring place that is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is a property managed by a lovely couple called Marco and Lara Nogueira who are simply fantastic hosts.

I am so grateful I was given the change to be the chef on this retreat and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Not only did I oftentimes get the change to attend yoga and satsang sessions which have enriched my life in countless ways, my cooking was immensely appreciated by all participants and I received the sweetest and heartfelt compliments such as “You are divine, your food is divine”, “The best food I ever had in my whole life”, “I want you as my private chef for the rest of my life”… …everyday, everymeal, every bite…it was amazing… it was divine! Thank you!

There are no words to describe how amazing this retreat was and how grateful I am to have been there as the vegan chef and create food experiences full of love for everyone. I’m totally melted into this explosion of love. ????


Now I know what moves me: the love for cooking for everyone, the love for giving love and everything I am through food, through every food creation that I make. ???? ????

The combination of healthy and delicious food and the daily yoga and satsang practices complimented each other in such a way that it has changed both the participants’ but also my life in an inspiring and lovely way. ???? ????

Thank you to everyone who made this retreat so very special to me, recognizing once again that my life’s passion is expressed through nutritious and delicious vegan food. ???????????? ????

Thank you, thank you! I hope to see you in a next retreat, either in Portugal or anywhere else in the world. ????

Much love ????

Ana Catarina Sequeira

PS- Thank you so much Susana Pereira Fotografia for the amazing photos!

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