Good morning ☀!
Today I would like to share something intimate with you.

In 2010 I reverted, what I was told, a chronic disease, namely asthma. I used to take 2 different inhalers, 3 times a day (6 inhalations per day), on a daily base. And on top of that two pills a day, simply to keep me breathing.
I needed to carry my SOS inhaler with me all the time, just in case. I always felt humiliated in sports class at school because I couldn’t do anything: I was always tired, everything was hard for me to do, to breath (even with all the medication). Even for ballet (yes, I did classical ballet for 16 years) I needed to carry the SOS inhaler, just in case.

The visits to the hospital were regular during crises. And so was the (heavy) medication: antibiotics, cortisone.
I visited many specialists. They gave me some hope to get free from asthma: when I’ll get to puberty – actually I had a big crises during this period of my youth so that didn’t go as foreseen; when I’ll be 18 – also that didn’t bring relief; and the last doctor I saw when I was already 20 was the icing on the proverbial cake. He even suggested to wait until I would get pregnant. I think it was the last doctor I consulted for this matter.

After almost 20 years of seeing doctors, the best ones in the field, I was done. That was it. I decided to not give away my power to heal anymore to outside specialists, to doctors. Instead I was going to take my power back and deeply focus on wanting to get cured. I was going to take control of my own ship.

So, in the last year of my first bachelor degree, Health Sciences, my final work was about: Food and Respiratory Diseases. For 6 months I worked hard on this project, all on my own. I read everything that was published, in the eyes of science, on this matter. And let me tell you, it was not a lot 10 years ago.

Red meat, coffee, stimulants, and sugar were some of the things that appeared in some articles. Also dairy products – because of the protein A1 which stimulates the production of mucus in the lungs and intestines.

At the time I had already given up eating red meat, and I was not a person that needed coffee and other stimulants. So I decided to give up dairy products too as I still ate these on a daily basis (the cheese…and the proclaimed rich in calcium yogurts -at the time I didn’t know a lot about nutrition). And I took this very serious. I avoided even the smallest amounts of dairy such as can be found in bread or chocolate. I checked every ingredient list of supermarket product to make sure it was dairy-free. You could say I was radical.

But know what? It worked!
After only 6 months I managed to stop all the asthma medications that I had been taken all my life!!! The recurring asthma crises (that made me go to the hospital, stay in bed etc.) stopped! I was able to run, dance, jump… freely! My chronic asthma condition that so much restricted my life and made me feel so limited (and humiliated) was over!

Something that was impossible in the eyes of all the top-trained allopathic doctors I saw, turned out to be possible, and without any medication.

A word of caution though; I’m not saying for you to do the same, let alone promise that it will work for you too. And I’m not at all advising you to stop whatever medication you may be on. All I’m saying is: there is hope, there is a way. Commit to the cure, do your homework, and get healed. You are amazing! You are light, you are life. And life knows the way!

And, if you need a hand to get you going and keep you going, I’m here to help you in this journey as it has become my passion to assist you on your way to a healthier and happier you.